Property and Evidence Room Management

Evidence Control and Property Room/Warehouse Management Presented for Law Enforcement/Police Agencies


A two day seminar that has been developed and written to national law enforcement standards for the recovery, control and storage of both evidence and property in police/law enforcement custody.

Written to Model Police Agency Standards, this seminar provides the instructional objectives for both, the effective recovery, storage, testing and management of evidence, by chain of custody, and all other classifications of recovered physical property that comes into the control of the Law Enforcement/Police agency.

Course Overview

Managing a Law Enforcement/Police Property Program requires both leadership and managerial skills. Coupled with the knowledge of national standards and accepted judicial guidelines, a formatted and documented property control program will provide for both a solid evidence chain of custody and the security of all other classifications of property taken into custody.

Anyone that has ever had the experience to deal with recovered property in law enforcement, both as an evidence classification, or any of the other multitude of classifications that fall upon law enforcement, (found property, suspected proceeds of crime, deceased persons property, safe keeping, contraband, seized for destruction, turned over for destruction,) knows the value of proper handling from recovery to disposition.

The goal of any agency when dealing with property is to know when to recover and when to release. Presenting concepts that will stream line these objectives and the documentation and handling of the property while in custody is the prime training target of this presentation.

In a two phase presentation approach, property classifications will be addressed from recovery to final disposition. Phase one will provide for proper officer recovery and submission and the guidelines that are applicable. Procedural guidelines as well as initial training and subsequent in-service training issues will be presented. All aspects of handling, security, proper packaging, preservation and follow up testing and analysis will be addressed.

Part two presents the accepted guidelines in the agencies control and maintaining of the property. Applicable to either a small property room or a full size warehouse facility, issues will be addressed for the effective management from day to day operations to scheduled audit trails and accountability. Emphasis will be placed on property dispositions and the timely release or disposal of items in custody.

New computer technology along with innovative procedures will be interactive with traditional methods to enhance the agencies ability to withstand any future inquiries or attacks dealing with liability issues in either the criminal courts or civil proceedings.

Seminar Materials

Each student will be provided with the following materials for their future use during the course of this seminar:

*Course Work Book - containing CALEA Standards and Property Guidelines and resource information

*Model General Order written to CALEA Standards for use as a Property/Evidence general order guideline

*Model SOP for the Management of a Property

Room/Warehouse to use as an agency general order guideline

*Property/Evidence tracking soft ware package including Bar Code programs for future implementation consideration

*Listing of assist resources for supplemental support in handling Hazmat or potential Bio-Hazards

*Standard FBI Guidelines for packaging, transporting and storage of items for lab testing.